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Check here for some cool Mafiawars Cheats for facebook. I am playing Mafia wars on face book..if you are playing Mafia Wars on facebook and know some excellent tricks for this online game let me know..

Few days ago i shared some links and tricks about Free Godfather points and Energy packs here: Mafia wars cheats and Hints for Facebook. Also added ultimate cheat tools for mafia wars and Trick to win every fight on Mafiawars.I hope that helped you guys a little. Today i am going to share some random tips and tricks for mafia Wars.

Mafia wars Facebook Cheat tool

Another Link for Easy Energy pack For Mafia Wars
At first log in to face book and Copy and paste this link to your address bar and hit Enter to get your energy pack every 24 hours.


If this link doesn’t work you can do another trick. You can ask your friend for energy pack or you can create another Facebook account and send an energy pack for your mafia wars.. But be careful you might get banned from Facebook for creating second Facebook account.

Tips for Mafia wars Cuba:
Recently Zynga opened a new beta named Mafia Wars: Cuba. Mafia Wars: Cuba is currently in Beta. I am playing that game on Facebook for fun.. In Cuba, Cuban Pesos are limited. You gotta save the Cuban Pesos.here is some tips for Mafia wars Cuba:

1. The fastest way to earn pesos in Cuba is to fight other mafia..So fight and buy some business on Mafia wars Cuba.

2. When you are injured in a fight, don’t go to hospital on Mafia wars Cuba. To save Pesos fly back to NY and heal your player.

3. Earn My Little Friend Achievement easily.. like gifting an M16A1 to a friend. Tell your friend to send it back.. Doing this he or she can earn the My Little Friend achievement.

So build your mafia in Cuba before.. others..

Use Mafia wars Auto player

Mafia wars Facebook Cheat tool

Did you hard about Mafia wars auto player Scripts.. Before you try that i have to warn you about Zynga terms and conditions.. You might get banned for using any script.. Anyway i posted an picture of this mafia wars auto player Tool. This tool can auto play you mafia wars game according to you saved settings.. To install this tool you need to use Mozilla Firefox. Follow this steps to to install this tool for Mafia wars..

1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox Browser.. If you are using Firefox then go to second step.

2. Now install Greasemonkey Add-on for Firefox. Here the link for Greasemonkey: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748 Go to this link and click on Add to Firefox and install the add-on and restart Firefox.
3. Now go to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/65017 or http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/64720 and click on Green Install button now it will a window will appear.. click on install button from the window.
4. Now go to Facebook and log in to your account. On your facebook homepage: Hold Ctrl, then click on your “Mafia Wars” bookmark. This will prevent the application from shrinking into a bar. Now go to mafia wars you will see some new link named Auto Play Settings, … … Instructions for this Mafia wars auto player (cheating tool) can be found at the following link..

@ everyone: check their forum for latest update. Here is the link. http://www.mafiawarsplayer.org. I found beta script from their site and it was working when i tested that… or check here http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/65017 or http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/64720
Setup your own settings to cheat mafia wars game on Facebook. And have fun..

One of our reader shared some tips about Mafia wars auto player settings..
Your settings will depend on where you are at in the game and how often you will be checking on it. The tool does not make complex decisions, it just runs and auto selects things. Most default settings are ok and if you have a question about what a selection does then hover over the checkbox/dropdown/textbox for an explanation.

Here some settings that I have changed:
1. I have Cuba auto bank at $5000 instead of 50000 – I was losing $ from fights and didn’t like that.
2. Since I check on it often I like to have the tool auto-pause after level up so that I can manually spend the Energy depending on whether I need particular loot or am working on finishing a particular tier.
3. I have the tool set to not auto-purchase Properties but I have set it to auto-fix and auto-protect. The money just needs to be in the bank and it will withdraw what is needed.
4. When I know I won’t be able to check on the auto-process for a long length of time I set the tool to auto-run a job with high energy to exp. ratio. And, also one that doesn’t expend a special loot item like Concealable Camera, Untraceable Cell-phone, etc. The reason is that if I run out of that item it won’t continue to run the job thereby defeating the purpose of the tool.
5. A good tip is to adjust the Stamina settings so that you aren’t fighting huge mafias, especially if you aren’t maxed out in your own. Set the maximum Mafia setting to a number well below your own to ensure you are winning fights.
6. Disable “All” notifications and Gift wall posts. These are not necessary.

I could go on with everything I think about when selecting things but you are better off trying it out and learning the hard/fun way.
Mafia Wars Auto Help cheat code for Facebook
Mafia wars wall auto help Mafia wars cheats and Hints for Facebook part two
This script will auto help you to do friends jobs, gets free boosts . It can also helps your friends in mafia wars declared wars. It can collect special bonus items and rewards from your Facebook wall. Now You don’t have to go through all the posts made by your mafia wars friends. Find out more here Mafia Wars Auto Help cheat.
Get Lots of mafia wars Friend Request :
If you need mafia wars members quickly.. use this link : http://mafia.monkeytooth.net this will help you get more members. to avoid spam add a second email address to your account then submit that email. I got around 1500 members in a week.

Ho to win every fight on mafia wars : Some readers have asked me how to win every fight on Mafia wars. Here is a little trick to win every fight mafiawars.

Adding mafia without adding as friend :

This cheat is not Working after Latest Zynga Update. One of our reader (John Thomas) shared this trick. Thanks john for adding this trick. You can check the comment below… Have you ever wanted to increase the size of your mafia without having to add weirdos from facebook on to your friends list. You can actually do this.

Copy the link below:


* This is where you insert a players ID number e.g 123456789

This will add the user to your mafia and won’t add that user as a friend in Facebook.

To find a users id number, right click that user and open the link in a new window.

The last 9 digits is that users id number.

copy this number and it to the end of this address and press enter and that user will now be apart of your mafia

http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/remote/html_server.php?xw_controller=war&xw_action=add&xw_city=1&friend_id=%28insert">http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/remote/html_server.php?xw_controller=war&xw_action=add&xw_city=1&friend_id=(insert 9digit id number here)

That’s all for today.. stay tuned.. more tools to come..

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